“Mashups: Hot or Not?”

Are you a fan of mashups?

If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, in the music industry, a mashup is a song created by blending two or more songs together so that they work together seamlessly. This is not to be confused with a “medley” where a DJ will mix two or more songs together in a sequential order.

With a mashup, it’s like two songs are playing at once. Here is one of my favorite examples of a great mashup which blends together Madonna’s “Express Yourself” with “Born This Way” by Lady Gaga:

I’ve talked to some people who say they think that mashups basically take two great songs and make them sound terrible together and that they wind up frustrated and wishing that they could just hear the original tunes.

Other people LOVE them! Myself included, provided the DJ who mixed it does a good job of honoring the integrity of both tunes so that they enhance rather than compete with each other.

Recently I talked to some spinning instructors who say that mashups are all they play anymore and that their students are always begging for more.

How do you weigh in? Leave your comments below.

Here’s one of my favorite mashup mixes which pairs up 80s classics with some of today’s current hits. I ran to this mix the other day and felt like I was flying up and down hills.

Length: 44 minutes
Format: Continuous & square
Tempo: 130 bpm

Click here to download.

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Posted on Aug 1, 2013

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Kim Nishida has been working in the fitness industry for more than two decades and is certified by the American Council on Exercise (ACE), American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), Schwinn Spinning, Reebok Cycle, Powerstrike Kickboxing, Keiser Cycling and is formerly the Group Exercise Director at UC Berkeley.

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7 Responses to “Mashups: Hot or Not?”
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  1. Julie says:

    I agree with Claudette, it’s like adding spices to a recipe you are familiar with. I thought they were fun. Thanks for the insight. I didn’t quite know what mashups were.

  2. I don’t play music when I exercise outdoors. I want to be alert to my surroundings. My other exercising (Water Zumba) is in a class with an instructor, and we listen to her music – which is a mix of Zumba and (I’m assuming) Zumba “approved” tunes. I do like the Zumba music a lot and I even bought one of their CDs for my own musical use. Have to admit these mashups, not so much, but I might enjoy a mashup of pure 80’s music. Guess it would all depend.

    • Kim Nishida says:

      Alana, you’re smart to remain alert to your surroundings when exercising outdoors! I nearly missed some deer who were just a few yards from me the other morning. It wasn’t until someone pointed them out to me that I pulled off my headphones and could see what I’d been missing. And yes, mashups are definitely not for everyone! I think medleys and just pure single track playlists are great alternatives.

  3. I love this mix. I think I’m going to look for mashups to get my body moving more.
    It adds a new twist to our old favorites. It’s like adding some different spices to our every day meatloaf. Gives it a bit of a kick.
    Claudette Chenevert
    The Stepmom Coach

    • Kim Nishida says:

      I agree with you completely, Claudette, about giving favorite songs a new twist! Sometimes I even end up liking the mashup more than the original. LOL

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