“How to Save Time & Money On Your Playlists”

OK, this article is for you if you teach any of the following:

  • Indoor Cycling
  • Bootcamp
  • Treadmill classes
  • Circuit Training…

spinning-editIn short, if you have the freedom to select your own single-tracks to play in class, then I have a most AWESOME resource for you…

As an instructor, it’s up to you to put together your playlists for class. However it can be challenging to constantly come up with new, fresh soundtracks to motivate your class. Why?

  1. It can be EXTREMELY time consuming to comb through millions of songs in order to find just the right ones that fit together to create the mood you’re looking for and fit the profile of the workout you have designed.
  2. It can get costly if you are paying per track. At $.99-$1.29 each, a single class playlist can cost you $15-20 each time.
  3. Music that motivates you might not motivate others. Sad but true. Sometimes you put a song out there that you love but it completely flops in class. You can literally see people tuning out during the workout and that’s not good.

The solution? Check out the playlist of other instructors.

Sneaking a peek at what other instructors are playing can save you tons of time.

And if you use a service like Spotify to download and play your music, you’ll pay only a monthly flat rate for virtually unlimited music vs. paying per song. Click here to sign up for a free account, but if you want to download commercial free music to your mobile device to play during class, you’ll want a Premium account.

And to save you even more time, here’s that awesome resource I mentioned earlier…

Spinning.com offers their “Weekly Playlist.” These playlists are designed specifically for instructors to use in indoor cycling classes.

You can use these playlists as is or edit them as you see fit, replacing a tune you don’t like with something that works better for you. These archives go back all the way to 2009, so this can keep you busy for at least a couple of weeks!

Are you going to take any of these playlists for a spin in your classes or even your own personal workout? If you do, come back here and give me your feedback. Was that playlist Hot or Not?

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Posted on Oct 18, 2013

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Kim Nishida has been working in the fitness industry for more than two decades and is certified by the American Council on Exercise (ACE), American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), Schwinn Spinning, Reebok Cycle, Powerstrike Kickboxing, Keiser Cycling and is formerly the Group Exercise Director at UC Berkeley.

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