Is Indie Rock Becoming Mainstream?

indie“Is Indie Rock Becoming Mainstream?”

OK, I admit it, although I like a lot of Indie music, it’s not generally my “go to” genre when I’m searching for motivating workout music.

However, I know that what motivates me might not necessarily motivate you. And what motivates you might be…indie music. LOL

I was pleased to find this continuous workout music mix dedicated to highlighting indie bands such as:

  • Capital Cities
  • Passion Pit
  • Ladyhawke

I’m not sure if calling indie music mainstream is an oxymoron, but a lot of independent bands are rising to the top of the charts these days.

I’m sure that indie rockers will balk at the very idea of one of their beloved band’s music being played in a Jazzercise class, but such is the peril of simply playing songs with a catchy tune.

If you love indie music, give this mix a whirl and let me know your verdict.

Duration: 55:46
Format: Continuous and square
Tempo: 135 bpm


Posted on Oct 18, 2013

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