How to Cultivate A Cult Following

“How to Cultivate A Cult Following…”

partymixWay back in the early 90s, I trained a woman named Andra how to teach step.

And of all the instructors I trained over the years, she is by far the one who became a Rock Star.

She had a cult following of girls who would shadow her from one gym to the next…Step classes at the university on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and kickboxing classes at the YMCA on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Her classes were PACKED! And her fans extremely devoted.

Unfortunately, she stopped teaching classes when she switched gears and devoted herself to raising a family. Her family’s gain was definitely our loss.

One of the many reasons for her popularity was she was just a fun person. It was always a fun time just hanging out with her.

Also, she had a dynamic personality that commanded attention. Confident without being arrogant.

And for some reason, she could pull off playing the cheesiest music mixes of all time. Mixes that the rest of us instructors would avoid like the plague for being too hokey were her bread and butter.

Plus, she loved it when the songs WEREN’T sung by the original artists. (Dynamix provided a lot of her music.)

The rest of us would get criticized for playing songs that weren’t sung by the original artists, but Andra could do no wrong in the eyes of her fans.

For some reason, even though this mix includes all of the original artists, it’s the vibe that reminds me of Andra. Consider playing this one if you want to be a Rock Star and cultivate your own cult following…

Length: 1:05:47
Format: Continuous
Tempo: 130 – 133 bpm

Posted on Oct 18, 2013

The Need for Speed…

“The Need for Speed…”

topspeedI received a lot of comments from readers on a recent post about the definition of “good workout music” saying that when it comes to exercising, they love upbeat, fast-paced music.

I have to say that, although I am a big fan of mixing things up, I love my music fast and I love it loud!

I was participating in an indoor cycling instructor training earlier this year and the main gimmick of this training centered around using videos projected onto a large screen which simulate cycling on the highways of Italy or through the forest of Yosemite.

Because the training company really wanted to emphasize the importance of the visual props, the Master Instructor leading us through the training advised us to keep the volume of our music lower, more like background music than anything else.

He said that the verbal cues you give in conjunction with what’s going on in the videos will be the more motivating factor and that music would only be a distraction.

However, as he led us through a Master Class, I felt less than inspired. And from where I was sitting, I was able to observe that the other instructors and gym members were putting out an average effort at best, until…

This song came on:

Suddenly, all of the instructors started hooting and hollering and everyone instantly started spinning a lot faster and sweating a whole lot more.

That just confirmed for me that, in this instance, the music was by far the more motivating factor.

On that note, check out there two great, F-A-S-T continuous mixes.

#1: Top Speed, Classics Edition (180 bpm)

Length: 53 minutes
Format: Continuous and square
Tempo: 180 bpm

#2: Cardio Mix by DJ Javier 

Length: 33:34
Format: Continuous
Tempo: 152 – variable

Posted on Oct 2, 2013

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