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“Totally Radical 80s Rock Playlist…”

cherry-pieIt’s true that studies have shown that music has the power to stir emotions and that your emotions can help you power through a workout or any other challenge in life.

If you want to read more about how music impacts your emotions, check out “How Music Can Fuel Your Emotions.”

I’ve had more than one class member tell me that they love it when I play songs that he/she recognizes and that those songs really inspire them to work harder. It’s common to hear someone say, “Wow, time really flew by” when I play the oldies or what I like to call “classics.”

The challenge, however, can lie in making everyone happy when you have a wide range of participants who come from very different generations. That’s why I tend to mix up my music so that each person is sure to recognize at least a song or two during the course of the class.

The decade that probably puts me in my “happy place” the most in definitely the 80s. That’s the decade I went to high school and college and so many of those songs trigger a ton of memories. Some good, some bad.

If you’re also a fan of the 80s, check out this 80s Rock Workout playlist on Spotify:

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Posted on Oct 3, 2013

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Kim Nishida has been working in the fitness industry for more than two decades and is certified by the American Council on Exercise (ACE), American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), Schwinn Spinning, Reebok Cycle, Powerstrike Kickboxing, Keiser Cycling and is formerly the Group Exercise Director at UC Berkeley.

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